Effective treatment for
stroke rehabilitation

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Results obtained in six


Physiotherapist Karine Pugliesi who works at the Reintegrar Saúde clinic in Recife (PE) talks about rehabilitation with our equipment. She highlights the good results achieved even with chronic stroke patients.


Empreenda Saúde Award

Oct 2019

Startup Neurobots wins the 5th Edition of the Empreenda Saúde Award and will represent Brazil at the international stage of the award.


Oct 2019

Neurobots is the startup winner of the 2nd edition of the Mapfre Foundation's eHealth International Social Innovation Award!

GSVC 2019

APR 2015

Neurobots was third place in the 2019 Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC).

VIII Simpósio Internacional de Neuromodulação


Award for the presentation "Exoskeleton Controlled by Motor Imagery with EEG to Assist Stroke Patients in Rehabilitation" at the VIII Simpósio Internacional de Neuromodulação.

Pfizer Challenge 2017

07 Nov 2017

First place in the Startup in Creation category awarded in the Pfizer Challenge.

II Simpósio de Neuroengenharia

Nov 2015

Award for the presentation "Robotic Arm Controlled by EEG" at the at the II Simpósio de Neuroengenharia.

V Simpósio Neuroengenharia

Dec 2018

Award for the presentation "Therapy based on Brain Machine Interface associated with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the recovery of upper limb function of a patient with chronic stroke - Case Study" at the V Simpósio de Neuroengenharia at the Instituto Santos Dumont.

Daily training with the use of Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI) in chronic stroke patients can bring benefits to the movements of the weakened upper limb, as shown in Ramos-Murguialday, A., et al. (2013) article.


The brain-machine interface is the "attempt to establish a direct computational connection between the brain and the artifact that will be controlled by that brain". Miguel Nicolelis.


Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios | Startups

06 APR 2019

Revista PEGN talks about the two Brazilian startups who reached the podium at the 20th edition of the Global Social Venture Competition at the University of California (USA). Neurobots and Key2Enable reached third and first place, respectively.

Globo News

15 Feb 2019

The program "O Melhor do Brasil é o Brasileiro" on the Globo News channel presented several innovative ideas, among them the proposal for stroke rehabilitation offered by Neurobots.

Pfizer Challenge 2017

07 Nov 2017

Startup Neurobots won the Startup Creation category with a robotic glove controlled by a device that captures brain waves to rehabilitate people who lost their motor functions after a Stroke.


27 Dec 2018

TV Futura program talks about the startup Neurobots and its development since its idea conception until its development at the end of 2018.

Algomais: A Revista de Pernambuco

07 May 2018

The magazine Algomais published an article about startups, highlighting the importance and interest that these have awakened in the traditional productive sectors that seek modernization and innovation in search of solving problems for the society.

TV Jornal do Comércio

31 Jan 2019

The "Papo de Estagiário" program of TV Jornal do Commercio talks about the Neurobots innovation company and discusses the social impact of changing the lives of stroke patients.

Diario de Pernambuco

06 May 2019

Diario de Pernambuco's article with title "Novo tratamento para sequelas do AVC" (New treatment for sequels of stroke) presents the testimony of the writer Raimundo Carrero from Pernambuco, Brazil. The article describes his journey in search of treatment for the disease with usual methods and with Neurobots equipment.